Custom-designed maps

It may happen that you need a digital or paper map that has specific characteristics or which should be prepared according to specific requirements. We are able to produce and provide such maps based on our map products, in different sizes, styles, cuts, etc, and you may order custom-made maps. If you have any request of this kind please do not hesitate to turn to us!

We undertake the specific printing of maps of the following categories:

  • indoor laminated wall maps,
  • self-adhesive, laminated maps for outdoor boards,
  • elbow-board maps,
  • folded maps,
  • miscellaneous

Examples of customised maps

  • Csorna

  • South Transdanubian Region
    of Hungary

  • Carpathian Basin

  • Kaposvár

  • Water catch-basin
    of the Danube

  • HISZI maps on the home pages of the
    settlements and on their outdoor boards