Notice mistakes on maps

Map error reporting

A map is the mapping of nature or the landscape according to certain rules. Therefore in order to preserve the functions and usage values of the map it is indispensable to track in our maps as well the changes that occur in the accelerated world of our days.

The most frequent changes of our days include the building of new living quarters, the establishment of roundabouts, the opening of new streets, the termination of certain street sections, the renumbering and the possible renaming of the streets. We supplement our maps with the changes that we learn, on continuous basis. This requires a continuous and significant amount of work. It may happen that certain changes have not been recorded yet, and it may also happen that the information did not reach us yet.

We would like to ask your assistance in this regard! If browsing our maps you notice any change that had not been processed by us yet, please indicate it towards us over phone, or write it to us with the aid of the Online Error Reporter, and we will try to process these changes the soonest possible. More detailed information may be found on the method of map error reporting here. Thank you for your kind assistance and for taking the trouble!

With the aid of the following form you may inform us about the error you found. Please fill in the specific fields according to the instructions; and in the message write down the exact location and character of the error found. You may attach an image file also to the message: we are capable of receiving jpeg, gif and png format images, up to the size of 1 megabyte. It is mandatory to fill in the fields that are marked with a star (*)! The Control Code is for providing protection against spam: enter into the field exactly the same character series (five character, random code), that can be seen next to the field.